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About EARS

EARS (Electro Acoustic Resonance System) is a top of the line dynamic solution for performance venues that allows to easily modulate and set their acoustic characteristics.
With EARS it is possible to give your audience the sound experience of a variety of spaces, including concert halls, theaters, lecture halls and much more.

EARS turns your venue into one that may host any event you can think of. A room needs different characteristics to optimally cater to different kinds of events.
A Rock’N’Roll show requires different room resonance than a concert hall. A multi purpose hall requires a system that can fit the room to its purpose with a press of a button. If dynamically changing the acoustics of your room is something you require, EARS is the solution for you.

Why should I go with EARS?

EARS is a one stop solution for many challenges in acoustics.
It provides a complete package with many benefits:

Ease of Use

Allows you to quickly switch between multiple configurations hassle free

Bang for your Buck

Guarantee high level performance for a reasonable cost

High Quality

Utilizes top quality components from leading industry professionals

Overcome Challenges

EARS is a flexible and robust solution and is able to provide solutions when architecture and design are not enough

EARS is already changing the game and was recently installed in the SELA auditorium at the Weitzman Institute of Science.

EARS has been active in the SELA auditorium since November 2019 with great success. It has been tested by the best musicians, conductors and tonmeisters of both the Israeli Philharmonic and Camerata Orchestras. Responses have generally ranged between “Incredible” to “It’s too good to be true!

Components in the project:

  • 14 microphones manufactured by DPA

  • 48 loudspeakers from d&b audiotechnik, driven by 48 channels of d&b digital amplifiers

  • Biamp Tesira server, a 48×48 digital Audio matrix DSP that supports AVB TSN and DANTE

  • Touch screen based command system from Crestron to enable quick preset selection





The magic ingredient is our Acoustic Reflections Emulator

aka "ARE",  which lays at the heart of the EARS system, equipped with six channels of digital algorithms to handle early and late reflections.

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